Mantles & Makers

Mantles and Makers is a capacity-building, non-profit organization that supports people and organizations serving Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC)  and other marginalized communities through technology and human capital.

Mantles and Makers is pursuing a future that brings forth sustainable solutions towards wellbeing that is contextualized by the local community and prioritizes Black and Brown people.  To do so we need agile sustainable structures, mastery of technology, and networked human capital sharing expertise to generate solutions.  

While the future is increasingly better stewarded by local context, and Black and Brown people become more visibly the global majority, opportunities and institutions to support these futures are few and far between.

Our Vision

We subscribed to an optimal well-being model that contributes to the conditions for community wellness and holistic being.  Patterned after the 8 dimensions of health, Mantles and Makers designs programming and support for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational (i.e. entrepreneurial), and social wellbeing of marginalized communities and people.

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Spiritually, we do all things with love and work to stand in the gap where there is absence or need.

Emotionally, we are building and refining the skills and ability to understand our feelings and the feelings of others while embracing joy and addressing challenges as they come.

Intellectually, we study, correct, and document our history and culture for self-reflection and to support a foundation of knowledge.

Physically, we do the work to nurture our bodies and maintain our most healthy physical condition through knowledge and wise decisions.

Environmentally, we understand and navigate the earth as a member of the ecosystem and do our best to take care of the world around us for ourselves and future generations.

Financially, we learn about money and finances to use these tools for our purpose and not the other way around.

Occupationally (Entrepreneurially), we are able to be the source of new ideas, goods, and services and can create new opportunities.

Socially, we believe that we are part of a village with local, regional, national, and global reach and seek to be in community with our village.

Services and Programs:
Our services and programs include local demonstration projects, affinity-centered support and networking, and backbone assistance.

Our current portfolio includes a community-based makerspace, Fab House, and the BIPOC Makers Collective in partnership with Nation of Makers.

Learn more about our portfolio at their respective websites:
Fab House
BIPOC Makers Collective


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